Living tram museum

This tram car came from Kyoto in 1970's

Many of Hiroshima city are originally from other cities or other countries. The tram company has bought old cars from other cities which tram lines became defunct.

Please see the following website:

The site is written all in Japanese but you can at least see the photos. The tram cars are categorized with several types by the origin and the age.

Type 70 : From Dortmund, Germany

Type 200 : From Hanover, Germany

Type 570 : From Kobe

Type 600 : From : Fukuoka

Type 650 : Hibaku Densha (A-bombed tram) Blog for this

Type 750 : From Osaka

Type 1070 : From Takarazuka

Type 1900 : From Kyoto

It is interesting that many kind of cars from many areas and from various ages are active on the same stage of Hiroshima city. It is something like “living tram museum”. If you are a railway buff, I am sure you can enjoy this.


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