Mitaki-dera Temple

I went to Mitaki-dera Temple a few days ago.

By far it is the best temple I have seen in Hiroshima. It is around 2 km west from JR Yokogawa Station (20 minute walk). The temple were founded in the 15th century and one of the main pagodas are designated as a prefectural important cultural assets.

The premises are in a mountainside and the whole area is mantled in a luxuriant green. It would be a nice hiking as well as watching a lot of small pretty Buddha statues.

There are 3 little waterfalls flowing in the precincts from the different water sources. One of the waters seems very good as drinking water. Many local people come to the temple to get the water for tea or coffee. The water is also dedicated to the A-bombed victims who died in the extremity of the desperate thirst at the peace memorial ceremony on August 6 every year.

The temples are also famous for Autumn leaves. November is one of the best times to visit there. I am, of course, going there again to see beautiful coloured momiji trees.

There are some ways to get there from the hostel:

1 Take tram No.8 and get off at Yokogawa Station (the last stop) >> Then walk about 20 min toward Northwest

2 Bus from Kamiya-cho and get off a Mitaki-kannon (the last stop)

3 JR from Hishoshima station and gett of Mitaki, then walk about 500m.

Please feel free for the access at J-Hoppers reception

For more information of the tepmle, please refer to these websites:

Mitaki area in Hiroshima Prefecture Guidebook.

Mitaki temple in GET HIROSHIMA


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