Have you ever heard of Momiji-manju before? Japanese people hear the word HIROSHIMA,we think about Momiji-manju. Momiji means maple leaf and manju are popular and traditional Japanese sweets foods. The basic ingredients are flour,egg, sugar,and honey. Momiji(maple) is the prefectural flower of Hiroshima and Momiji-manju is formed in the shape of maple leaf. It has a variety of flavors,including red beanm,custard,maccha,and cheese. Especially I would like to recommend ' AGE-MOMIJI'.It is fried Momiji-manju. you can enjoy Momiji-manju that is prepared manju in some different ways. You can have it just for 70-80 yen a piece.It is quite cheap isn't it? Most of them are made on the MIYAJIMA you can have fresh Momiji-manju on the island. When you go to the island ,please try it:)


Hi Tomoko. Genki desuka? This is a short and sweet (haha) good post. I went to Miyajima island for several hours and without knowing what the local food was, I ate the "age-momiji manju". Ooh, it was tasty and had much oil from the frying though. I think the Miyajima is the best place to walk and spend your time for a relaxing day.
The spelling "beanm" is cool, but it should be changed without the "m".
Take care.

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