Motoujina Park

Today I went to Motoujina Park with my family. This is the place which one of our colleague Pascal recommended for an easy hiking. The park is right next to Hiroshima Port, which is one of the biggest ports in western Japan. You can visit there by the city tram easily for around 45 minutes.
There are beautiful beaches and an old-growth forest there. It was quite a fresh surprise to know that this kind of great nature is still preserved in such a industrial area. Actually it is designated as a part of Setouchi National Park. The park is in a small island and it is about 3 km around. It would be nice to walk with the beaches or you can go up into the well-wooded evergreen broadleaf forest as a short hiking.
You can go to the park from J-Hoppers hostel by tram for about 1 hour. You can also enjoy the park with our rental bike. If you are interested, please feel free to ask at the reception.

I think I will go there again and introduce some more about this park later.
Thank you!
For the Park Map,
please see this link (Written in Japanese )


daffodils said…
Dear Boss and STAFF at J-Hoppers,
My name is Janet and I have been reading your website. I live in Sydney, Australia. I can't wait to come to visit Japan, have always wanted to visit Kyoto very, very much. The information you have provided is very useful and very interesting. I thank you all very much. I like to visit the temples and gardens of Kyoto, do some bicycling and do the walking trip. Hopefully I can come in November this year, soon! Waiting for my annual leave to be granted. I will stay in J-Hoppers of course. Love to taste Japanese food in Japan!. It is just happiness thinking about my trip.

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