I didn't follow Aki's blog. I think that it's just the autumn drived me to write this.
Yes !! One of my dreams about food came true a couple of days ago. Finally, I went the most famous Sukiyaki restaurant in Kyoto, Mishima-Tei. History of Mishima-Tei is over 130 years. Oh my goodness, you don't know Sukiyaki !? It's not a world famous Japanese song. Learn it on here.

The one I had is really good one. It costs 10,000 yen, my stomach was about to explode though. Meat isn't Kobe beef, but it's a top quality Japanese marbled beef. This might be the first and last to taste for me. I hope you can feel how delicious it is. They are not only restaurant but also selling beef. You can buy and cook it at J-Hoppers if you want.


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