A bientot, Pascal!!

Pascal is a french guy that you could meet at the reception of J-hoppers Hiroshima.
And he is leaving to Osaka J-hoppers soon ;-(
(Actually he seemed to be very excited about it!)

So, yesterday we had a farewell party for him!
We had a pot (nabe) with all guests who were staying on the night.
Nabe is a common dish in Japan in winter. Eating from one pot makes for closer relationships.
Anyway, if you are wondering what Nabe is, please refer the link:

I remember the first day that I met him here in Hiroshima...
Of course, he was able to speak in Japanese but not as good as he speaks it now, so that we had to speak in English sometimes.
But now, there is almost no problem to communicate in Japanese with him!
I can easily imagine how he made efforts to fit in the new culture and language. I think it doesn't matter if he likes it or not. You have to be tough.
And there are lots of differences between speaking Japanese in the daily life and using it in work.
I couldn't do it if I were in France!!!

Hum...I just wanted to say,
I am impressed with his efforts.

Merci et a bientot, Pascal!!

Bonne chance!


pascal said…
Thank you Tera-Chan. It was great to work with you. I hope we will met again in Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima or ... Quebec !?!?!?!?! ;-)))

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