Flea Market in Kyoto

There are some big flea markets in Kyoto, such as Kobo-san, Tenjin-san. Tomorrow, on the 21st November, there's Kobo-san Flea Market at Toji Temple. Toji Temple is close to J-Hoppers Kyoto. This flea market is held on the 21st of every month because the famous monk called Kobo Taishi died on the 21st. It had been held only one time a year, the 21st March for respecting Kobo Taichi, however, it's been held on the 21st, every month since 1239.
At this flea market, you'll see many street shops of food, bonsai, antiques, kimono and the things you've never seen!! If you look for cheap and nice kimono at second hand, this market is one of the best places for it. Also, if you'd like to find some unique souvenirs for your friends, please visit there!! Some shops start to be opened from 5:oo in the morning! I guess the best time to visit there is around 10:00.
It will be held Shimai Kobo (the last Kobo for this year) on the 21st December, so...please come visit us and Kobo-san!!


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