Let's go to IZAKAYA!

Hi! How are you?

A couple of days ago I went to Izakaya with a friend .Have you ever heard of Izakaya?

It is a Japanese styled restaurant or bar,and are plentiful around Japan. I personally really enjoy my work,however when I feel stressed ,I often go to one to release my daily anxiety.
While there ,we ate a few interesting dishes,as well as drank a lot of sake!The picture on the right is Jidori-no-Amiyaki(grilled chiken).
I think if you ever go to an Izakaya,you would enjoy the many types of sake they have to offer.

My favorite types of sake is called Umeshu,which is a fruity types of sake.
I had 4 or 5 with some ice,I think I got a little drunk!
In Japan ,when someone has had too much to drunk , we call them "yopparai".

while there ,we also tried the tempura Ice cream .The outer part was warm and crunch while the inside was cold .The desert was about 400yen ,and was very delicious!
If you find this on the menu at Izakaya ,I recommend you buy it!


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