Iwakuni besides bridge

Iwakuni is a small pretty castle town in east Yamaguchi Pref. Kintaikyo Bridge, one of the most famous wooden bridges in Japan is the highlight for the city sightseeing, but there are some more sights to see there.

1 The old town

The Old town are very well maintained and you can feel the atmosphere of Edo period. Some samurai houses are preserved and you can see inside the houses. The museum of the Iwakuni Lord are also in the old town and you can see some antique documents, art objects and weapons.

2 Iwakuni Castle

The castle on the top of the mountain can be seen from the old town. You can access the castle by cable car. Actually the castle is not the original one but rebuilt in Showa period.

3 Sakura tunnel (Cherry blossoms)

Iwakuni is known as a great sight of Cherry blossoms. Especially, the cherry trees on the road along the river make a beautiful sakura tunnel of 500 meters. If you visit Iwakuni in April, don’t miss it !

4 Momijidani Park

A former temple became the park with a lot of Momiji trees. The leaves turn beautiful red and yellow in Autumn. This is the photo of the entrance of the park I took 2 days ago.

5 Very rare White Snakes

There is a small museum in the old town and you can see them. The snakes is designated as a Natural Monument.

From Hiroshima city to there, please take JR to Iwakuni Station (45 min, 740 yen) and take a bus (20 min, 240 yen).


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