Kamo River

Do you know there's a river called Kamogawa in Kyoto city? I started to come to work by bike along the river from the new apartment. During day time, there are many people along the river sides and some of them are practicing the musical insturaments, playing badminton having lunch etc etc. It's so fun to see them and it's enjoyable cycling along the Kamo river because you can feel the breeze (when it's not cold, it's nice!!) and you can see many birds on the river!
In the evening, the view is changed and you will see the many restaurants with many lights especially around Shijyo, Sanjyo area. It's romantic and it's such a Kyoto-like night view.

If you're thinking about doing sightseeign in Kyoto by bike, please follow this river and enjoy cycling in Kyoto!!


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