Kouyou in Kyoto

It's getting cold these days. Signs of autumn and winter can be seen at here and there. Cold air in the morning, people in coats. (I'm always surprised when I see some guests in T-shirts only come to J-Hoppers though)

This coldness means that it's the busiest season for Kyoto. Yes, it's time for the season of autumn leaves. Someone who came J-Hoppers Kyoto said " I'm looking forward to seeing autumn leaves. I had come Kyoto last year but it was too early to see all leaves changed colors." I answered " I'm sorry but the autumn tints has just started a few days ago, so it's early for the tip-top."

I took a picture on the 9th near Heian Jingu Shrine. As you see, some leaves have not turned its colours yet. It's very difficult to say exactly the best time to see the autumn leaves. Everything is up to the weather, and the world has been experiencing abnormal weather. Please feel free to ask at the reception when and where is the best time or place to see the autumn leaves. Or there is a web page that gives information of the autumn tints , it's in Japanese though.


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