Let's try NATTO!

How are you?

What do you often have for breakfast in your country?
A couple of days ago,one of the staff at J-hoppers made Japanese breakfast for the guests (TARRO and PAUL)who had stayed here for about 1month as a present on their last of staying.

In Japan,we often have NATTO for breakfast .The picture on the right is the man who is having NATTO with keen relish.

Have you ever heard of NATTO?
NATTO is a very healthy food。Soy beans ,which NATTO is made of ,contain many kinds of nutrients,such as protein.
The only trouble is that NATTO smells very strong.I think It smells like a dust cloth......:(

However the Japanese have been eating NATTO since ancient times.
I grew up eating NATTO,so I like it.But If I were a person who has never eaten it before,I would say ‘I can't stand the smell of NATTO!!’
Anyway you should try NATTO If you come to Japan.If you feel it tastes good,You maybe Japanese !!


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