Sandankyo Gorge

I went to Sandankyo with my family and Pascal’s family. Miyoko introduced the tremendous gorge previously. Please see the blog.

As Miyoko mentioned, it is quite tough to walk everywhere. It would take more than 5 hours. There are some dangerous places of the trail which are narrow and slippy. If you get shaky or stumble on the stone in this kind of places, you might tumble into the river 10 meters below. So please be careful.

There are some bus stops in places. It is a good idea you walk up to the end and take a bus back to the starting point (700 yen for one way) if you don’t have enough time or you feel tired.

I myself walked up with my 1-year-old baby on my back for about 4 hours but gave up halfway. However, I enjoyed the trail and the splendid view very much. There are some photos of places that impressed me.

Nidantaki (Twe-step Waterfall) or Sandantaki (Three-step Waterfall) are the 2 most famous waterfalls but this small anonymous waterfall attracted me. The clear mountain water trickles down in the native bush. It looks mystic and I even felt kind of eroticism of nature.

If you visit there, I am sure you will find your only favourite.


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