Coffee in Japan


I'm Nori, who is a trainee of J-Hoppers Kyoto GH now,
and I'll be a staff of J-Hoppers Osaka.
I'm really looking forward to meeting wonderful travelers there!

When you come to Japan, what do you expect?
Japanese food, nice people, historical places..
Yes, we have lots of amazing things.

On the other hand, what do you miss when you travel in Japan?
I met a traveler in Osaka before, and she asked me,
" Where is Star backs? I'm coffee holic!"

Yes,we have many Coffee shops which come from foreign countries,
and they're very popular and we also like them.
I know it's easy for them to go there, and feel like home.
However,we also have Japanese old style coffee shops.

Famous coffee shops in Kyoto;
1.Inoda Coffee shop
2.Maeda Coffee shop
3.Ueshima Coffee shop

You can also enjoy breakfast there..
Why don't you try it for good experience while you're in Japan?


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