Cultural shock in Osaka

Hello everybody ! Your favourite french is back on this blog ... direct live from Osaka. ;-p
I will help Yamaguchi San to prepare you a wonderfull new place to J-Hop' your trip !
There is still a lot to do here before opening but I've been really surprised when I arrived at J-Hoppers Osaka for the first time. I'm already convinced you will enjoy this new hostel. Actually I would like to be my own customer I guess ;-)
I've started to explore the neighbourhood and the shopping street where is located the hostel (very convenient). By the way I've you had a look at the neighbourhood map ? ...
Yesterday I went to eat an okonomiyaki. "Eh ! Where are my sobaaaaa !!??!?!". Well, it's true, Hiroshima okonomiyaki and Osaka okonomiyaki are really differents. You have to eat both of them and compare yourself. The Osaka one is smaller, without noodles, covered by mustard, served with rice and miso soup, ... Finally is there something common between these two okonomiyaki ??? Cabbage and egg only ? (?_?) I had a good lunch but ... sorry obachan, I definitely prefer the Hiroshima okonomiyaki !!
Terachan, send me one by mail time to time onegaiiiii ! ;-)


Anonymous said…
Very nice i'm so hurry, to see osaka's J-Hoppers opened, I plan to come back in Japan and specialy in Osaka because i have my other half there...i went in Hiroshima J-Hoppers this september and in kyoto's one too....i'm so glad to hear about a J-Hoppers open in Osaka....i'm french too, and i can say, even i stayed 2 nigths in hiroshima that i felt welcome in J-Hoppers...and loved that kind of hostels....see you soon i hope...
hiyoko said…
I told you that Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima is the BEST ;-)
pascal said…
Merci Arnaud !
We hope tout see you soon in Osaka :-)
Anonymous said…
eheh mais de rien pascal c'est la vérité :)

well, i just took my flight ticket for Japan :)...i'm soo hurry to come back in this wonderfull country and have too many things to see in Kansai...i hope to do many things during that 2 weeks i will be in Osaka...i wish you all staff good luck to prepare that new J-Hoppers it's a huge work!!!

See you soon, in Osaka

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