Day trip to Nara

I'm thinking about going to Nara this weekend. Have you ever been there or heard of it? Nara used to be a capital of Japan (710-784). I'm going there to see the Giant Buddha!! I've seen it a couple of times but I'd still love to see it again! It's at Todai-ji Temple and the temple itself is the largest wooden structure in the world. The present temple was reconstructed in the middle of Edo Era (1603-1867) and it's only two-thirds of the original one.
The Buddhist statue was made completely in 752. The height is 14, 7 m. The Emperor Shomu wanted to make an ideal world that was admired in the Kegon Buddhism, so that he ordered to make it as a symbol of his ideal world. Can you imagine how hard it was for people to make it about 1200 years ago? You should see it anyway!!
There are many deer around Todai-ji Temple. Some of them might try to attack you if you've got something to eat... They're national treasure, so... please be kind and friendly to them!!

It takes only 1 hour or so to get to Nara from Kyoto station. It must be a good day trip during your stay in Kyoto!!


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