Oysters .....

We cannot talk Hiroshima winter without oysters.

Oyster is one of the most famous Hiroshima’s specialities.

Let me introduce some of good Oyster cooking.

1 Deep-fried oysters (Kaki furai)

2 Vinegared oysters (Sugaki)

3 ingredient for pot dish (Nabe-no-gu)

They are really good and you can easily have them in Izakaya restaurants.

One thing you have to be careful is, 0ysters sometimes cause food-poisoning.

Oysters have "Norovirus" It is safer for you to have cooked oysters instead of raw oysters

The virus cause terrible diarrheal, vomiting and flu-like symptoms. The incuvative period is one or two days and the symptoms would last 3-7 days.

I saw some foreign tourists who suffered from them llll

Raw oysters are very good but you had better avoid it if you don't like to change your travel plan.

So, please give up sugaki. Even you enjoy Nabe (pot dish), make sure oysters in Nabe are cooked enough (Too much boiling messes oysters taste, though ...).


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