Hi! How are you?

I have been in poor health because of a cold since the end of December.
I didn't catch any colds at this time last year but I have had it two already this year.
January and February is the coldest months in Japan.
Please take good care of yourself!!

I went to Miyajima Island for Hatsumoude on the 3rd of January with my close friends in Kimono.
Miyajima is one of the most popular hatsumoude spots in Japan.More than 400 thousand visitors come to Miyajima during the New Year season.
Hatsumoude means New Year's visits to shrines.During the New Year's vacation.Japanese people make their first visits to shrines,where they pray for happiness and good health for the year.
We also buy lucky charms and draw sacred lots to tell our fortunes for the year.
on the day,my friends and I received my fortune there.the fortune said that I'll have excellent luck!
I think a lot of good things are coming this year.Lucky me!!
Please try fortune when you visit to a shine.There is a shrine where you can try English fortune (100yen) around J-hoppers Hiroshima .
Good luck to you!!!


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