J-Hoppers Osaka hostel is now in the very final stage to the opening.

In the first place, we were going to open the hotel within the last year.
However, some of unexpected matters about licensing procedure and remodelling schedule have blocked the smooth progress to the opening.
What is most frustrating is the unclear attitude of the officials in charge of hostel license.
They are always equivocal and irresponsible to what hasn't been done before.

".... need to talk to my boss ..."
" ... might be all right but I am not authorised to make the decision .... "
They are unconscious as public servant.
Well, that is the bureaucrat way of all ages and countries and I know it is no use complaining, though ...

Anyhow, please wait just for a little longer.
We might be able to start it by the end of this month.
Well, just in case, I have to ask the manager in charge ...

Uh, oh.
I myself am getting bureaucratic, too !!


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