A Happy New Year!!

How's your 2008 going? Mine is not too bad even though it's finally very cold here in Kyoto. Yesterday, I did Hatsumode ( first visit to shine). I went to Heian Jingu and I found many people there. I found many Omikuji were tied on the ropes, but I was not feel like taking it...because I took the worst one 2 years in train...This year, I couldn't be bothered to feel a bit sad again. Some people say it's really difficult(nearly impossible) to pick the worst one on the New Year's days, so I was kind of lucky to choose it, though. 2008 will be what it should be!! To be perfectly honest, I went to this shrine not to pray for the happiness of 2008, but for buying sweet potatoes that were selling outside the shrine... I had found the street shop of the potatoes on the 31st Dec and I had already decided to eat it the next day!! It was very cold outside and I had to wait a bit for buying fried sweet potates, however, I was really content. Anyway, please please visit us also this year, 2008!! I do hope year 2008 will be another lovely year for all of you.


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