Hello Kitty!!

Last week, I went to Osaka to visit Sanrio Gallery. Do you like Hello Kitty? At this gallery, you can buy many many Kitty goods that you don't usually find at stores. For example, I found a digital camera of Hello Kitty. It was so cute and I couldn't take my eyes off from it. I nearly decided to buy it but I didn't buy it because of my tiny baby little financial problem.

What amazed me most was about 200 kinds of the key chains of Hello Kitty and each Kitty is in a special costume of Japanese cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama etc. They're absolutely pretty and some of them made me laugh a lot. Can you imagine drunken Kitty like office workers in Tokyo?
Please visit Sanrio Gallery close to Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store when you visit J-Hoppers Osaka!! I'm sure you'll like there!


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