It's been very cold recently, and I feel like saying
"I'd love to go to Onsen(Japanese Hot springs).." almost every day.

When I took a bath yesterday, I was very surprised
because I found a chilblain on middle finger of my foot!
I used to have it heaps when I was a child, but I haven't had in ages.
"..Now I should go to Onsen..."

Anyway, I always feel happy as a Japanese when I take a nice Japanese hot spring.
I went to Kinosaki Onsen last year, one of famouse Hot springs spot in Hyogo(next to Osaka).
It's a small,but very histrical and artistic town,and there are a lot of hot springs there.
So we can enjoy many places with Yukata style.

It's also reknowen for fresh seafood, especially crab in winter.
Of course I had. We ordered one of course memu of crab,
and they served about 8 types crab dishes, sashimi,Kani miso,boil,steam,Tempura, and so on.
They were all very tasty, but every dishes were more bigger than we expected.
We're completely full and hadn't even though looking at crabs for months since then..

However,I'd love to visit there again.
I recommend you to stay a night and relax if you're interested in there.
(It's 2.5hours by train from Osaka.)


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