Today, let me introduce some Japanese snacks I recommend. I like snacks.
These are all long-selling products and most Japanese are familiar with the flavors

Kappa Ebisen (Calbee Cooperation)

One of the oldest Japanese snacks since 1950’s.

Shrimps are kneaded into flour based dough.
The catchphrase of “Yamerarenai Tomaranai” = “Cannot be stopped, Can’t stop” is not a overloaded phrase.

Karl (Meiji Seika Cooperation)

Karl was released in 1960’s.
The puffy pieces are non-fried and look like a beetle larva.
There are many kinds of Flavours. The Cheese flavour and the usuaji flavour are popular.

Happy Turn (Kameda Seika Cooperation)

Released in 1970’s.
Happy turn is a rice cracker with sweet salty special powder sprinkled.
Many Japanese get addicted to the snack for the powder. Some people say this is a sort of “legal drug”.

Please try some of these snacks when you drink beer at the hostel. You can easily get them at the convenience store or the supermarket. The lovely J-snacks must let you go to another can of beer !


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