Kit Kat!!

Hello! I copy my boss and I'd like to introduce you another tasty Japanese sweet. I guess almost all of you know Kit Kat but do you know Kit Kat 'YUKIMIZAKURA'? Cherry blossoms are designed on the package. This Kit Kat is made to cheer up the students who study a lot to pass the entrance exams of high school, university etc. It's maybe because they can image happy spring with cherry blossoms by eating it and they can make much effort to enjoy spring. I've got nothing to do with entrance exams anymore, but I do like this flavour of Kit Kat!! It's pink & White marble and tastes like cherry. It smells good and and..anyway it's so nice. There used to be (or still?) Kit Kat Green Tea and it was also tasty and original in Japan. However, Kit Kat Yukimizakura is far more tasty!! Please try it and come to Kyoto to enjoy your spring with many beautiful cherry blossoms!


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