When I stayed at J-Hoppers Hiroshima during the New Year's holidays. I went to Onomichi with Hiroshima staff Tomoko. Onomichi is a small port city in Hiroshima prefecture between the cities of Hiroshima and Okayama and famous as the city of slopes or the city of the cinema.

We went to Senkoji Park located on the top of the small hill by the ropeway. The scenery from the observation platform is outstandingly beautiful. The mountains that spread across the sea are small islands lead to Shikoku.

On the way back to the city going downhill, you will see old houses along the alleys that attract a number of Japan's more famous authors and movie directors. There is also a movie museum in the city. Although there is no English guidances in the museum as well as all over the city. It might be a unexpected fun to travel a very local place in Japan.

I was about to forget an important thing of Onomichi. Onomichi ramen (noodle) is well-known among us Japanese. The taste is between Kyusyu's one and Tokyo's one, plus fish paste. Why don't you try it for lunch ?


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