Yesterday, one of our guests showed me a nice photo and what she bought. I saw many many man-like-shape things on the wall in the photos. She told me they were all pencil cases!! She also told me a person, Bruce, makes them in Arashiyama, Kyoto. At that moment, I didn't know Bruce is Japanese!! Bruce is Japanese and he makes a lot of interesting pencil cases and sells them at his store in talking with the visitors. The pencil cases are called 'People' and there are more or less 500 people made with different textiles. She said that she had bought one of them before and it lasts for more than 10 years!! The price is 3000 yen and I don't think it's very cheap, but it's so special and cute.
If you come to Kyoto and visit Arashiyama area, there are not only Tenryuji-Temple and Bamboo forest, but also there's Bruce's shop!! Why don't you pop in his shop and enjoy his amazing 'People'?


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