Stop Global Warming

Last weekend I went to Nagano for snowboarding.

Nagano is the site of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games.

Ten years have already passed…At that time, I was a high school student.

I was yearning to American mogul skier Jonney Moseley. And do you remember a so cute Japanese mogul girl Aiko Uemura? I liked her so much.

Then I really really wanted to be a great skier like Them.

After ten years , even now, I believe that Jonney Moseley is the best and grand free style skier in the world.

But I stood at snow park in Nagano as a snowboarder(not a skier). Because few years ago I had changed my mind. So now I want to be a great snowboarder like a Shaun White.

However Aiko Uemura is still cute (and I still like her). That will be invariable.

There was not so much new snow in snow park, most of eisbahn… ’Where are my epic powder snow?’... I think that is an influence of Global warming. And about my riding…I have not progressed at all. I think that is an influence of Global warming,too.


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