Who would be the happiest person of this year?

Who would be the happiest person of this year?

There is Nishinomiya Shrine in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo Prefecture where I live. This shrine is the head shrine of Ebisu sect of Shinto, under which it is said that there are about 3500 shrines. Locals call the shrine, by a nick name of 'Ebessan' of Nishinomiya.
People visiting here wish for the safety of their families and success in business.

The most biggest event of this shrine is "Toka Ebisu" which is held on 9th, 10th and 11th of January.
In the morning of 10th, "Fukuotoko Erabi" is held to choose the happiest person of the year.

You want to be the happiest person this year?
By 6:00am on 10th of January, you have to line up in front of the main gate of Nishinomiya shrine.
Almost 200 persons should be already lining up for hours.
At 6:00, the gate is open with the cue of drum. And all persons start running all at once to arrive the inner shrine. The most first 3 persons can be "Fukuotoko", which means the happiest persons.
I am going to visit and wish to prosper J-Hoppers Osaka which will be opening shortly!

This is a dedicated huge tuna. Everybody paste up coins to celebrate.

He is Ebisu called Ebessan.

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