Back to Kyoto

Thank you Hiroshima !

After the 15-month sweet habitation in Hiroshima, We moved back to Kyoto at the end of January.

The biggest difference is house to live.

The house we were living in Hiroshima was an old apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and one small prefabricated bath. It is around 30 square meters.
It is quite small but all right.

It was just in front of the hostel and very convenient to work.

However, there was a matter that was not all right.
The ceiling and the sidewall were leaking when raining.

One of the two bedrooms was unusable ....

While on the other hand,

the new house is kind of palace.


The lot area is more than 10 times to the Hiroshima apartment and has 3 gardens ! Also, there are 5 bed rooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room and 1 kitchen. the large bathroom is with a cozy Jacuzzi. The toilets are of course “Washlet” (It is kind of special washlet. The oilet seat cover opens / shuts and automatically and flushed automatically. Of course he washes and dry the part. So we don’ t have to touch anything but in the toilet!).

Backyard of the new house

We cannot afford to rent the huge house by ourselves and we are going to share the house with a few tenants as a monthly guesthouse. We are now preparing for that.


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