Beer Collection

Even though we had Haruichiban (the first spring storm) on the 23rd, it's been VERY VERY cold these days still. I don't remember how many times did I see snow in this winter. In 2007, did I see once ?

It thanks to this cold weather, I have had Nabe (Japanese one pot dishes) many times. They are not so expensive such as sukiyaki and shabu shabu. Eating nabe make my body warm, and I need to drink beer to make my body cool..... ?

I got 3 bottles of beer which are American, Indian and Italian ones. I thought to drink them with their original foods, I mean, with burger, curry and pizza. But the plan fell through. I drunk them at a time. I felt the American one is strong and bitter, the Indian one is rough and sweet and the Italian one is light and bland. It was a rare experience to drink those different tastes. My favorite Japanese beer is SUNTORY MALT'S. Please try it if you have a chance.


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