The Club with Live Music in Kyoto

takutaku is one of the most famous rock bars in Kyoto. An old Japanese sake cellar that had been about to be demolished were renovated and turned to a record shop. It's in 1974, lives were started in 1975. There have hardly seen any changes in the building as the wall sake barrels have been papered.

I have watched live of Kazuki Tomokawa in 2005 (please take a few minutes on the link below, if you like rock or have an interest in Japanese musicians or simply want to know something nice). I was shocked by the band (they were a trio), the atmosphere of the old box and their energetic performances were outstanding. Kazuki Tomokawa was 55 years old. I watched the live acts of The Rolling Stones and David Bowie in their late 50's. Honesty, there is little to choose between the three.

It's in the downtown of the city, but quite difficult to find (it takes some ten minutes for me). Feel free to ask the reception and get the map when you go to there, and check the schedule before you go.

Enjoy !!


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