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I believe, trying local food is one of the greatest part of travelling.

As for myself, I always try to open my mind to have local food wherever I go.
Having the same food with locals is probably the shortest way to get to know the people and culture.

I assume that you guys are enjoying having Japanese food everyday!
Sushi, Tempura,Soba, Tofu,Udon,Ramen,Miso-soup. Delicious!!
And the next day
Sushi, Tempura,Soba, Tofu,Udon,Ramen,Miso-soup....Yummy!
And the next next day
Sushi, Tempura,Soba, Tofu,Udon,Ramen,Miso-soup....Good

"Hum...I want to eat something else..."

To be honest with you, when I'm in foreign countries, I love to go to Asian supermarket!
I get so excited and buy lots of stuff whenever I go there...hehehe

Here in Hiroshima where can you buy import food from your country?
*Department store ( food sectiom is underground)
*Jupiter (in Shareo-underground shopping mall)
*Kaldi Coffee Farm (in Aeonmall)
*Il mercante/Italian(in Shareo department store)
*Andersen/German, Dutch bread (on Hondori street)

If you want to take a rest from Japanese food just a little bit, buy some ingredients there and cook something in the J-hoppers kitchen :)


pascal said…
I'm sure lots of customers will appeciate these informations ! To complete them here comes some address in Kyoto I personnally use :
* Liquor Mountain ( : Basically it's a liquor shop as its name says it but they have also some really authentic products from foreign countries. There is a lot of shop everywhere in Kyoto.
* Yamaya ( : A lot of good foreign products. Just a little bit south from the intersection of Oike bd. and Karasuma bd.
* Meijiya ( : The largest range of foreign product is there, few meters from Sanjo-Bashi.

In Osaka you will find at least Liquor Mountain too, but there are surely a lot of others places more interesting... (to be described in another comment !)

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