Go East

Spring will come soon(but still cold in Kyoto...).

And, I will change from a good snowboarder into a nice cyclist.

Though it does depending on the weather I want to go cycling once per one week.

My recommended cycling course (from J-Hoppers ) is as follows.

South : Uji especially Byodo-in Temple(平等院)

West : The Tower of the Sun (太陽の塔)

North : ...still cold...


East : Lake biwa (琵琶湖)

The other day I went to Lake Biwa (of course by bike).

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan, located in Shiga Prefecture.

Do you know how far is it from J-Hoppers to Lake Biwa?

About 20km from J-Hoppers to Lake Biwa.

I think that is not so bad. However, there are two hill climb stage at the distance (that are pretty heavy).


To go round Lake Biwa is one of my dream.

And I stand at the start line now!!

Let's Start !!....?!!

Sorry but that's another story.

See you next sunny day!!


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