It's been about 2 weeks since J-Hoppers Osaka opened.
It's still quite short time, but we've been having wonderful guests.

Some of guests left their messages on our guest book.
I'd like to report some of them today.

"We had a great stay here. Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.
Would recommend to friends" 09/02 from Canada

"Great visit! It's the little helpful things that you do that will keep
your guests coming back and will get you recommended to other travelers!
Thanks for your help and kindness!" 09/02 from Canada

"It was perfect with beautiful sceneries in Osaka!
I would not forget everything in this place.
If I come here again, then see you!
Having fun!" 12/02 from republic of Korea

Sorry to guests who I can't report here today, but
Thank you so much EVERYONE who stayed with us!
We're so happy to know that you enjoyed here.
J-Hoppers Osaka will be more comfortable place, so
we're always waiting for your visit.

Thanks xxx


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