Even as the weather becomes bitterly cold and you miss the taste of your mom’s cooking, you can’t take a direct route back home.
You’ve come all this way to Japan so why not try some Japanese home cooking?
Handaya is the place for you!
In a good location with reasonable prices, Handaya serves a variety of Japanese dishes that are found to suit your tastebuds.
Handaya is open 24 hours, 7days a week but there is no bicycle parking and keep in mind , it can be hard to find a seat, especially during lunch time.
There are 49 shops in Japan.
The most simple selection on the menu is Tamagokakegohan(Rice with a fresh egg) which will cost you 141yen. Or you may want to challenge yourself , in which case you should try the 1kg Chicken cutlet curry rice. This will set you back 1000 yen.
Whatever your budget or your appetite, Handaya has something for you!


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