Sumo is a competitive contact sport where two wrestlers (rikishi) attempt to force one another. There are six Sumo tournaments each year: three at The Sumo Hall (or Ryōgoku Kokugikan) in Ryōgoku, Tokyo (January, May, and September), and one each in Osaka (March), Nagoya (July) and Fukuoka (November). Each tournament begins on a Sunday and runs for 15 days.

I want to inform the foreign people that one of the tournament will be starting in Osaka shortly.

Date: Sun. March 9th - Sun. March 23rd
Venue: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium - Osaka

Recentrly Professioanal Sumo has been getting an international flavor with Rikishis from foreign countries.
The first foreigner to win the top division championship was Hawaii-born Takamiyama in the 1970s. He was followed by fellow Hawaiians Konishiki.
Both of the current yokozuna, Asashoryu and Hakuho, are Mongolian. They are among a group of Mongolian wrestlers.
There are currently 59 wrestlers officially listed as foreigners.
There were 19 foreigners in the top two divisions.

Here are the part of listing for foreign wrestler. Hope you can find a rikishi comes from your home country.
If yes, why don't you wattch the matches in Osaka Tournament.

Mongolian:Hakuho Asashoryu (Yokozuna)
Brazilian:Takaazuma (Nishi 24maime)
Chinese:Soukokurai (Nishi 4maime)
Chinese:Nakanokuni (Higashi 9maime)
Korian:Kasugaoh (NishiMaegashira9 maime)
Rossian:Wakanoho (Higashi Maegashira 4maime)
Rossian:Roho (Higashi Maegashira 6maime)
Tongan:Minami-no-shima (Higashi44maime)
Georgian Kokkai (Nishi Maegashira5maime)
Czech:Takanoyama (Nishi48 maime)
Bulgarian:Koto Ohshu (Higashi Ozeki)
Kazakhstan:Kazafusan (Nishi38 maime)
Estonian Baruto (Higashi Maegashira 7maime)
Hungarian:Masutohoh (Higashi 61maime)


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