Torii at Itsukushima shrine

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This picture is the famous"Floating Torii"at Itsukushima shrine.
You have seen this torii gate ,haven't you?
We call this gate torii in Japanese.

Torii is a traditional Japanese gate commonly found at the entry to a Shinto shine.
Torii mark the entrance to sacred space in Japan.

Torii at Itsukushima shrine is one of the most famous shinens in Japan.
You may see a number of torii gates in Japan,but "Floating torii" is very rare.
If you go to Miyajima Island at low tide,you won't see "floating torii",so please check the times of hight tide and low tide.
If you do go to Miyajima at low tide ,you will be able to pass under the gate,which is said to bring you good fortune!!

This torii is not buried in the seabed,it on top of the seabed.
Don't you wonder why it has never fallen over??
Because 7 tons of stones are embedded in the foot of the trii.

The hight of torii is about 16 meters.the feet is about 10 meters,and it is made of natural tree.

Do you feel like going to miyajima Island???

There is plenty to see,great shrines,temples,it is a scenic location!!!


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