What's coming next?

Yesterday, it snowed a lot. I got up to see snow on the roofs and I found 5cm snow on them. Today, it's been raining heavily and I feel sorry for our guests who got soaked... I'm wondering what's coming tomorrow. February finishes after 3 days but I can not feel any spring here yet.
When it rains or snows, I guess it would be a nice idea to go to Nishiki Food Market. They call the market 'Kitchen of Kyoto' and you can find many kinds of typical vegetables of Kyoto. Also, you can eat Takoyaki with 180 yen. If you buy some unique staff, you can cook them in the kitchen here at J-Hoppers. In the city centre, there are some streets covered with roof, so you don't need to get wet. Why don't you hang around there and look for some interesting things for souvenirs on rainy day?


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