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Recently, one of my friends received a letter from the embassy of Ireland in Japan and they told him that he could get working holiday visa for a year! He was quite happy and he's busy preparing for it ( a bit).
On the other hand, there's an Australian guy who has been trying to find a job with working holiday visa in Japan. Also, I saw some guests who came to Japan with that visa. Now I'd love to know why many people apply for working holiday program in Japan. I can imagine it a little bit, for example, you know language, you're interested in Japan etc. However, I guess that it would be fantastic to travel in Japan but it would be hard to work in Japan...but there are people who apply for working holiday here. Could you tell me your reason for having applied for the program?


pascal said…
I applied for a working holiday in Japan during the summer of 2005. I decided to go to live in a foreign country because my life in France has became so boring after 4 years of employment in a big company in Paris. I was just looking for fun and better relation with my environment. Then I thought about several ways to expatriate. Among them I thought about Japan because I was at this time quite implicated in japanese culture events in Paris and I was feeling more and more attracted by these culture. I've actually discovered it only 4 years before and the funniest is that my grand father worked and lived in Japan in the past but during my childhood I've never been interested in all the japanese stuff that was decorating the family house ! Now I miss him to speak about our both experiences and compare Japan of 70's and nowadays Japan.
And finally I choose Japan and the only way for me to come here was to be able to work here. Except the working holiday visa, only working visa or special and complicated procedures after entering with student visa allow a foreigner to work. Nobody would have ever offered me a working visa at this time, and I had not enough money to pay university entrance fee anyway. So I had no choice but the working holiday visa.
Thanks to it I could start a new life here and I'm enjoying it fully everyday ! :-) I will never regret to have applied for this visa !!
yukako said…
Thank you for your comment, Pascal san!! I can imagine Japanese culture is so different from the french one. Also, I'm glad to know that you will not regret your choice. It sounds interesting living in Paris, though.
Thank you again!!

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