Another Ume Blossoms

The temperature in Kyoto is getting higher and higher. I don't need thick jackets and sweaters any longer, and put them into boxes in the closet till November *v* .

Aki introduced Kitano Tenmangu Shrine the last week and I tell you the other Ume Blossoms viewing place. At this place you can look at Ume Blossoms without a fee. It's Kyoto Gyoen (National Garden). I went there on 16th Sunday, and Umes are 30% blooming. I think the best time is the next week and weekend.

When I see Umes blooming, I feel that the busiest tourist season come. Peoples are walking here and there any time any day and traffic jams are occurred anywhere. And the city is surrounded by red plum petals and pink cherry petals. The most exciting and beautiful season is just around the corner. Why don't you come to Kyoto ?

Kyoto Hanatoro has just started, too.


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