Yesterday, I checked the homepage of Kyoto Imperial Palace and I found an article that said some cherry blossoms started to bloom!! I was so happy to know it!! One type of cherry blossoms called Itozakura is mainly blooming especially around Konoeike Pond in the Imperial Palace. To visit inside the Palace, you need to make a reservation at the office there at least 30 min before English tours start (there are two times a day, ~10:00, ~14:00). However, to see these cherry blossoms, you can just pop in the Palace. I used to go there to eat lunch box when I was university student.
Also, when I was going to home yesterday, I saw beautiful cherry blossoms at the date of a primary school near J-Hoppers. It was amazing!! Sakura, cherry blossoms in Japanese, at night is absolutely special and beyond words!!

I'm glad to be here in Kyoto and to be able to enjoy spring!


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