Mibu-Yashiki Monthly House

Mibu-Yashiki Monthly Guesthouse
The exterior appeerance from the back

MIBU YASHIKI monthly Guesthouse is almost ready to welcome new tenants.

As I wrote something about it last month, the guesthouse is also our family’s private house.

The house has 5 bedrooms, 2 common rooms and 3 gardens. We have renovated the house partially and maintained the garden and the garden trees. Also, we have installed a very fast optical fiber internet line and we can access the internet anywhere in the house.

One of the guestroom

The house is modern Japanese style and actually it is in a very convenient area (please see the embedded Google Map below)

We are now looking for new tenants.

We have just uploaded the brief website.

Mibu-Yashiki Monthly guesthouse website :

Please check it out for the details.

.Actually, Mibu Yashiki is a good deal for middle/long termers, I think.
There are 3 guestrooms available now. Please contact us if you are interested in.

Tsuboniwa Garden



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