Momo before Sakura

Can you distingish between
Sakura (cherry blossoms) and Momo (Peach blossoms) ?

We will get beautiful and short-lived sakura blossoms soon.

We can enjoy something else before that
I introduced Ume (plum ) blossoms some days ago.
Another pretty one is Momo (peach) blossoms.

This morning I found some momo trees with a lot of lily blossoms on the way to the hostel.

The color is vibrant pink and it is a little similar to cherry blossoms.
It comes from China originally.
In Japan, you can see the blossoms in late March to Early April.

There is an old saying that momo trees have power to exorcize evil spirits and give people immaturity. So if you see momo somewhere, please stay there for some while and sense the aura.

Momo trees in Umekoji Park
(15 minutes from J-Hoppers Hostel by bike)


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