It has passed 3months since we had a third boy last year.
My family performed a ceremony "Okuizome" the other day.
Okuizome means “first meal” and in Japan it is a tradition performed
100 days after your baby is born.

Offcourse 100 day-old babies don’t eat anything.
So, we can not actually feed them. We just pretend to feed them with
praying that he could eat foods whole life long.
We Japanese eat a sea bream grilled with salt when we celabrate anything.

He is already more than 6 kilogram! He doubled size of wight.
To be honest, we don't want him to eat TOO much because we will have difficulty to maintain our own household with three boys. (~~)


yukako said…
Wow!! I would have eaten those dishes instead of your son, Ken san!! I imagine how much they'll eat in the future...
waruida said…
Time goes by so fast.
Aoi kun is becoming bigger very fast.
He must bring a lot of happiness to Yamaguchi family !

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