Spring has come!!

Finally, I can feel spring also in Kyoto. It's not cold any longer and I suffer from hey fever a little bit. I waited for spring for ages. It was cold and it did snow this winter.
What do you think first for spring? I think about cherry blossoms!! It's incredibly beautiful and I guess you can never have this experience in any other countries. This year, it's said that they will start to bloom on the 31st March.
My recommendation for cherry blossoms' spot is Heian-jingu shrine. There's a garden and you will definitely amazed by its beauty.
In addition, I found another fantastic place on the Internet. It's called 'Haradani-en'. It's a private garden and and open for only 2 weeks in spring. It costs a bit, 1200 yen but everybody wrote it did worth visiting on the website. The best season would be the middle of April.

You haven't got time to think. All you have to do is booking a place to stay ( J-Hoppers Kyoto is my recommendation). You shouldn't miss this amazing season in Japan.


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