Crepe/Gyoza Party at Osaka

Finally we did it ! The Crepe/Gyoza Party of J-Hoppers Osaka has been enjoyed by a small band of twenty merry fellows from the afternoon to late at night. Guests, staff, family and relatives cleaned up all together the 200 gyozas, crepes, ice creams, chocolates, appetizers, ... with some fresh beers and fruits juices.

Hand made by the staff's gyoza, and special "Kimchi-gyoza"

Crepe Versus Gyoza. Which one will be finished first ?

Guests from all over the world swapping their experience.
"Do you know in my country Crepes are blue and Gyoza filled with chocolate ???"
"Stop kidding me ...!"

Noriko looks strange, was the beer too strong or the Kimchi-gyoza too spicy ??? ;-p

The crepe maestrio at work. The most difficult is to keep on eating gyoza with one hand, drinking beer with the second one, while cooking crepe without burning them (with a third hand ??).

The Super-Gyoza-Team on duty.

Kurosan in his famous role of Masked Gyoza-Devourator

Ken leaves the command of J-Hoppers to his young son and try to seduce the french chief with cuty tearful eyes to receive some extra crepes.

Cheers !
We can't wait for next party !!
If you have suggestions of food to cook next time send us an email !!


nori said…
Crepes and Gyoza were soooooooooo yummy!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop eating even I was at the reception!

By the way,I was NOT drunk!!!!

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