Dagashi 駄菓子

Have you had "Dagashi"in Japan?
The dictionary says that it is "molded confection" ,but
I would just say "cheapie and childish sweets".
I guess there are same things in all over the world, but there are soooooo many kinds of Dagashi in Japan,and children LOVE them.

Normally, Dagashi shops are near elementary schools, and school kids get together there after their school and spend a lot of time.
The prices are getting higher,but still really cheap - from 5 yen to less than 200 yen. That's why it's possible to buy for kids.

However, we adults also miss Dagashi sometimes(often?),remembering our childhood...
To our joy, we can buy Dagashi at the supermarket and even convenience store now!

I don't buy sweets so often, but I always get hungry before I finish my work here at the evening.
So I go to 7 ELEVEN which is located on the corner of JH Osaka.
I found there is the small Dagashi space recently, and I buy some quite often since then.
Now my favorite Dagashi is "BIG THUNDERS"!

It's Big, and Yummy, and Cheap! It's only 53yen and worth to pay!

You would find more Dagashi in Japan..
Why don't you buy for souvenir before you go back to your country?


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