Golden Week!!

This coming Saturday to Tuesday is called golden week and it's a week of National holidays!

I bet everywhere will be packed with tons of people...

I'm going to visit my grandparents in Shimane which is face to the Japan sea. I will just have relaxing time in a country side:)

What can we do in Hiroshima?

You can go to Flower Festival!
Flower festival is held on the 3rd to the 5th.
It will be lot's of flowers, stages, dance performances and food stalls!

I recommend you to join the flower candle message.
You can write an message on a paper and roll it around the candle. It will be put in the peace park. The fee is 400yen for 1 message and the money will be used to preserve the A-bomb dome.

My golden week will start from flower festival, soccer game (Sanfrecce Hiroshima VS Montedio Yamagata) to Shimane trip!!

Enjoy your holidays:)


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