Kamogawa Odori Dance(Maiko and Geisha)

Kamogawa-odori is for it’s famous Maiko and Geisha Spring dance.

Miyako-odori, Kyo-odori, Kitano-odori and Kamogawa-odori,

those 4 geisha dances in Kyoto held only in spring to early summer time.

Today was a last day for one of the last Geisha dance show.

They often perform comical stories and also sad old stories.

When the show was about to over, all the lights been turned off .

Then suddenly, more than 20 Maiko and Geisha girls flushed on to the stage .

How gorgeous it was.

This dance signifies me the end of spring.

Cherry blossom is over and summer is coming.

Season changes, summer comes after the spring. Spring comes because winter comes.

I’m looking forward to see their dance again next year.

In the mean time,

I will gaze how seasons come and go. Reina


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