The kingdom of cartoon

I have read a lot of cartoons in my childhood.
I used to think cartoon was only a comic book that only children read but I was so happy when I found the cartoon series that was continuing at the Hiroshima cartoon library.
However I was surprised by the fact that the cartoons haven't ended yet.
Even though I know that there have been cartoons serialized for years .
But 25years is too long.
It made me worry that the writer getting old and I was not able to read the end.
Reading Manga does not only help my Japanese but it also helps me to understand Japan it self.

There are numerous mangas in Japan.
You could find some interesting stories.
Especially manga has a high addictive potential. It will be interesting to read how this story develops.
Also this is an easy way to spend hot and humid Japanese sleepless summers.

It is a huge entertainment industry. At the same time, it is also part of Japanese culture which exported abroad.
You can see it anywhere nowadays. Old, young, men and women, everybody has read it. Actually,Japanese manga and animation have already been broadcasted abroad.

Manga is a very well known thing it represents.
There is a cartoon library in Hiroshima.
You can read manga for free there and when your eyes strain from reading Japanese, you can stop over at Hiroshima contemporary art museum. It is located just next to the manga library.


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